Blog Twelve

Writing Tips-HELP!

You may feel alone without anyone to help you when first beginning to write. Putting your thoughts on paper can be frightening. While the thoughts are in your head, they are safe from view. No one else knows what you are thinking. Once declared in written words, however, they are no longer secret.

Oh, boy, now you’ve done it!

Relax, you are not the first person to have concerns about exposing thoughts in written form.

Think of your favorite author. More than likely, that person also had some uncomfortable feelings when beginning to write.

If you truly want to write, be brave and WRITE! As soon as you begin to do so, you are a writer. You do not need to have a work published in order to be considered a writer, you only need to believe in yourself and write.

Ok, you might be thinking. So I am a writer, but how to I become an accomplished writer? There are many places where you can receive help in improving your skills.

Let’s make a deal. You write about whatever you want until my next blog and I’ll see what suggestions I can come up with.

For now, I will remind you of the suggestion I mentioned in Blog Eight. Join a writers’ group. A good way to find one is to ask your local librarian. Another good way is to search on line.

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